One Day with Pride

I am alone in this world

Without my mother and father

I wish I could say it was because of some accident

But it’s because they were full of lament

I wasn’t your normal little boy as they saw it

I was a freak of some sort in their eyes

I wanted a dress to wear instead of a car to play with

But as hard as I tried I couldn’t stop being me

Why couldn’t they accept me for who I was?

Instead they abandoned me in a city park

Now I’m in the foster system it’s true

But one day they will regret they walked away

They will have nothing to say except sorry.

That day, that one day shall come

I will shine brightly with pride

Someone will love me cause I love me

And I will no longer need to hide

I am me and I will be free.

Happy Pride month. It’s time to embrace yourself even if others may not understand. Love is love. I send you hugs from Brooklyn

Sincerely Guady G

Pride is all it takes.

I am me

That’s all I can be

Stop trying to change me to something I’m not

I am your child but I guess you forgot

Why is it that I’m not good enough for you?

Why can’t you just love me after all I do?

You dont care! It’s not fair!

I can only be who I am

Even if you don’t give a damn!

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G


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I’m no longer hiding
I’m going to be me
Your acceptance doesn’t matter
Cause now I’m free
Closed door no more
Loving me at my core

Good day my beautiful people.  Always be who you are meant be!  Work where you feel most happy.  Date those that make you shine.  Keep company of those that lift you up.  It’s time to let all negativity go. But first look in the mirror and learn to love yourself.  It always starts with you.  Do you agree or disagree? 

Guady G.

Why am I not enough?

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Mom? Dad?  Why am I not enough for you to love?  Was I not created in God’s image?  Everyday of my life shouldn’t be a scrimmage! Don’t you realize I am slowly dying without your love?

I am supposed to be your precious child, your pride and joy.  Yet you reprimand me because I’m not like the other boys. I was born this way.  Please just love me! Don’t push me away!

The cruel world will frown upon me because of my orientation. They will say I am not a sensation. But I am. I know I am. Please love me. Hold me! Don’t push me away! Don’t leave me alone to be their prey!

Knock, knock, please open the door.  Let me in.  I can’t face this cruel world alone any longer.  Help me heal these wounds and these sores! Make me stronger. Love me! Help me! Help me please! I’m afraid.  Can’t you see this pains me at my core? Please open the door.  I fear my life will be no more. . . . .

Mom? Dad? Why am I not enough for you to love?

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

Message to parents:  Please remember that children are ours. We brought them into this world and we should love them despite their sexual orientation. If they tell us then count that as a blessing. We need not push them away because their ideas  don’t  coincide with ours.  Home should be a safe place where they are enough and where they feel loved.  If not we risk losing them to bad crowds, drugs, self-deprecation and yes even death. The same baby you once swore to protect is now that teenager before you or that adult before you. It is not too late to open that door of love and acceptance. So open the door. Let them in.

Message to Teens/Adults: Please acknowledge that acceptance comes in steps. For some it is very difficult and it will take time. Give them time. Don’t give up on them!  Don’t give up on yourself! You matter because you are enough!  Find someone you trust who truly cares, seek counseling and chin up because you are loved. One day the entire cruel world will realize you are a sensation despite your sexual orientation. So go ahead, knock on the door again.

Hugs from Brooklyn
May peace, love and tranquility be with you always.
With Love
Dr. Macias.