You are beautiful

It doesn’t matter if you are big or small
Whether you are short or tall

It doesn’t matter the clothes you wear, the color of your skin or the texture of your hair.
You are beautiful beyond compare

You are beautiful and please don’t forget
Make life choices you won’t have to regret

You are also witty and quite smart
They are foolish if they don’t give you the part in a play, for a job or for a date.
You are beautiful so don’t you ever ever hate


You are beautiful so embrace yourself.

Sincerely Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

I love you all. Have a beautiful day!

Go Ahead, say the word.

Go ahead, say the word

No I’m not absurd

Fantasies of you pressed against me.

Oh, the jubilee!

Your words meshing with mine.

Our sentences in an intertwine.

Oh, please bring your words to me.


Thank you for reading. Sending hugs from Brooklyn.

Guady G

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