Pauly D. Broccoli

I’m a piece of broccoli. Can’t you see?
I’m high in fiber and vitamin C.

I can be boiled, steamed or microwaved.
I’m related to rabini or broccoli rabe.

Once you get a taste of me then you will see.
I’ll have you begging for more down on your knees.

I am so delicious as can be.
Cause I’m a piece of nutritious broccoli

Fun with veggies. Can’t help it. I’m vegan baby! Anyone else love veggies? I send you hugs from Brooklyn.

Sincerely Guady G

Food poisoning-a medical perspective

I feel so tired and so blah
I keep running to do ca-ca

I shall call out from work today
I have a few sick days so home I’ll stay

What was it that I ate?
Oh must have been the steak on my plate.

Become vegan I heard them say!
Perhaps I shall cause I hate feeling this way!

Guady G

Oh I have been there but now I’m mostly vegan or shall I say lactovegetarian. But seriously if you have food poisoning-warning signs of something grave includes fever or seeing blood in the stool. Most of the time it will resolve in a few days. Follow a BRAT diet- bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast and keep well hydrated. FYI Salmonella comes from undercooked chicken and E.Coli from undercooked beef.