Pauly D. Broccoli

I’m a piece of broccoli. Can’t you see?
I’m high in fiber and vitamin C.

I can be boiled, steamed or microwaved.
I’m related to rabini or broccoli rabe.

Once you get a taste of me then you will see.
I’ll have you begging for more down on your knees.

I am so delicious as can be.
Cause I’m a piece of nutritious broccoli

Fun with veggies. Can’t help it. I’m vegan baby! Anyone else love veggies? I send you hugs from Brooklyn.

Sincerely Guady G

Tossed- Not just salad

Lettuce start with how happy I am that you tossed me. I am now with a very cherry tomato basking in the company of the spiciest pepper in the world. I’m with a very juicy cucumber too!

So keep your rutabaga self and those bitter onions out of the salad bowl. No use for your cheap oils here either. I now have Top Classic Italian baby. I’m worth more than all the carrots combined.

PS you can now garlic yourself!

The sweet pea of the salad