In Your Arms

Today was such a trying day.

I wish I had your strong arms to fall into at the end of it all

In your arms I was safe
In your arms I was loved

In your arms I always wanted to stay

But sadly you went away

With Love
Guady G


If only I could tell you what I’ve been through. It’s been difficult not sharing all that makes me happy with you. Sometimes late at night when I turn to my side I’m shaken with fright. You used to be there to keep me safe. You were my home and now I just wander. I just roam!

Love Guady G


Neuronal pathways imbued with reminders.

Body quivering with contemplation of your absence.

Loud pounding from the heart to deafen all in the perimeter.

Perspiration permeating these tattered clothes.

I’m a haggard.  I’m a derelict.

I’m an addict and you my drug.

So stay.  Don’t go!!

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G