In Your Arms

Today was such a trying day.

I wish I had your strong arms to fall into at the end of it all

In your arms I was safe
In your arms I was loved

In your arms I always wanted to stay

But sadly you went away

With Love
Guady G


I don’t have time! Go away. Just give me a little more time. Come back later. I wish I had more time to do that. I can’t!! I’m too tired because I didn’t go to bed on time. Too tired to do it now!! Omg where did the time go? I had so much fun I didn’t realize so much time had passed. I love spending time with you!! Time is up or is it?

How many times have we said these things to others or to ourselves? How many times did we ignore our heart’s command to fulfill a punch clock that we set for ourselves. Our children are in college now and we don’t get a phone call because now they don’t have time to call.  Our parents are getting older and we fear father time will come to get them. So we cry because time seems to keep ticking away and we stand to lose who we love most.  We often fall prey to work, to living under someone else’s plan for us or worse idle in front of a TV.  We waste so much time yet don’t have enough of it or do we?

Time is endless! There is so much of it but use it to do what you love. You don’t need to make time to show someone you care or tell them you love them. Just do it now. The past is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet so just do it now. Go pick up the phone and call that person you keep putting off. Hug your children now. Listen to them now. Go find the nearest mirror and go admire yourself in all your grandeur. You do have time. There is more of it so immerse yourself in what you love or who you love.

Signing off

Guady G

Hugs from Brooklyn