Why fear the ocean?

The Ocean

So mysterious
So forceful
In nature

I’m enticed to enter but afraid.
Will I float?
Will I drown?
Will it take me back to shore?
To lands I’ll never get to explore?

In my bed

You the ocean
Come forth and moisten my feet!

I’m ready
Not scared

Love you

With love
Guady G

Dear past life lover

silhouette of people
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

I saw you and sensed it had to be you.
Your look quite different but your soul still imbues.

I long for the closeness I know we’ve shared.
We just met so I know you’re scared.

You don’t remember me but I’m not done
For I long for our bodies to be meshed as one.

If I hug you I’ll never stop
If I kiss you it’ll be over the top

I know in your body our memories lie dormant
I know in your heart also lies some remnant

Of us being a pair,
Of all the love we did share.

So please don’t walk away just yet.
We aren’t strangers although we just met.

So hug me, kiss me, then take me!
I want to awaken in you our memory.

Have you ever met someone and felt like you already knew them? Have you ever kissed someone for the first time yet it felt so familiar? Their loudness doesn’t bother you and neither does their silence. You are not with them yet you feel calm because their presence is felt wherever you go. It is a grand feeling indeed.  Has this ever happened to you?

Guady G

No ink?

I am a paper that has seen its share of stories being written.  Some ended shortly, some ended happy, and some sadly.  But the worst kind of story ever written is the one that never was written.  As a paper I wonder if the pen perhaps had no more ink left to write.

I am a paper white as can be. Is your pen able to write on me?

Namaste my pretty people. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I once was asked why I write. I write because I love writing and because it connects me with beautiful people in this world. We all have voices that need to be heard. We all have messages for this world that seems to be falling apart day by day. Our writing can help motivate, and cultivate a brighter tomorrow. Keep writing.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Love always
Guady G.

Why am I not enough?

boy wearing gray hoodie
Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas on Pexels.com

Mom? Dad?  Why am I not enough for you to love?  Was I not created in God’s image?  Everyday of my life shouldn’t be a scrimmage! Don’t you realize I am slowly dying without your love?

I am supposed to be your precious child, your pride and joy.  Yet you reprimand me because I’m not like the other boys. I was born this way.  Please just love me! Don’t push me away!

The cruel world will frown upon me because of my orientation. They will say I am not a sensation. But I am. I know I am. Please love me. Hold me! Don’t push me away! Don’t leave me alone to be their prey!

Knock, knock, please open the door.  Let me in.  I can’t face this cruel world alone any longer.  Help me heal these wounds and these sores! Make me stronger. Love me! Help me! Help me please! I’m afraid.  Can’t you see this pains me at my core? Please open the door.  I fear my life will be no more. . . . .

Mom? Dad? Why am I not enough for you to love?

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

Message to parents:  Please remember that children are ours. We brought them into this world and we should love them despite their sexual orientation. If they tell us then count that as a blessing. We need not push them away because their ideas  don’t  coincide with ours.  Home should be a safe place where they are enough and where they feel loved.  If not we risk losing them to bad crowds, drugs, self-deprecation and yes even death. The same baby you once swore to protect is now that teenager before you or that adult before you. It is not too late to open that door of love and acceptance. So open the door. Let them in.

Message to Teens/Adults: Please acknowledge that acceptance comes in steps. For some it is very difficult and it will take time. Give them time. Don’t give up on them!  Don’t give up on yourself! You matter because you are enough!  Find someone you trust who truly cares, seek counseling and chin up because you are loved. One day the entire cruel world will realize you are a sensation despite your sexual orientation. So go ahead, knock on the door again.

Hugs from Brooklyn
May peace, love and tranquility be with you always.
With Love
Dr. Macias.